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 Inviting people to the forums!

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PostSubject: Inviting people to the forums!   Mon 27 Jun - 9:51

I've been doing this for a while now (Buying a scroll then using a WW Shout to tell people to join) And now im wondering if the current users on the forums can do the same.

The servers now got around 300 players and they need to know more about the forums etc. Rather then just downloading the game and playing. Being part of a community is a big thing.

So if you can start inviting your friends that you know on the server onto the forums.. ^o^
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PostSubject: Re: Inviting people to the forums!   Wed 29 Jun - 19:11

Agreed. All great servers have a huge forum where many questions, comments, concerns are posted. This server can become even greater if people decide to use the forums more. With the lack of private shop set ups, the buying/selling section of the forums should be packed and full of posts.
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Inviting people to the forums!
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