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 Apply Application

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PostSubject: Apply Application   Apply Application EmptySun 3 Jul - 22:51

* Must be able to write & read English clearly Yeah, I Can write and Read English Good.
* Need to follow orders given Yeah, That's Apart of being a game master is to follow any rules that are givin on Symphonia.
* Need to follow all the steps in the application Yeah, I Seen everything before i wrote this. And To follow all the steps Yes i can do.
Real Life First Name Starr
Age 26
Main Character Name DejaVu
Country of Residence California
City of Residence White Water
Timezone(GMT) Pacific
Languages you speak fluently English
What is your gaming schedule for Symphonia FlyFF Game(display in hours) Weekdays 24/7 Weekends 24/7
Tell us a little about your personality Well I Love to do online games as you can see i'm going to school to become a gamer like flyff Also working my way to hopefully buy a new flyff company with a hole different name of course and to be apart of the real world on it But my 1 thing i love to do most and all is to be a lovely Game Master and show my skills.
How long have you been with Symphonia FlyFF? Well As of now About a month or so Didn't keep track but it's around there
What are your goals as a Gamemaster? To Help others And to give people good things Like events, Rainbow races, Lords Exp, 2x rain 2x snow(For people that don't lvl fast And for the others. And Also 1 most important thing to make sure there is No Drama and to even help make Symphonia a good community.
Why should we choose you upon the plethora of members applying? Well i can't really judge on that everyone has good Skills to become a Gamemaster Even me but It's because i got nice Skilling and can do more stuff then anybody and idk but i'm sure i'm probably the first Adult to write the application. And can make Symphonia a better game and I'd Love to make a pk server For people to enjoy.
Have you been a GM or had any staff experiences before? Yeah, I Have but the owner of the P Server Didn't know a thing on what to do so he shut it down for good so i was a gm for only 1 minute.
Have you ever been kicked, muted or banned from our server? Nope.
Have you ever received any infraction/warning on the forums? Nope.
If accepted, what will you bring to the GM team? Respect, Skills, Kindness, Caring, And show what it takes to be A Gamemaster.

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PostSubject: Re: Apply Application   Apply Application EmptyMon 4 Jul - 5:35

Im holding my thumbs for you :D
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PostSubject: Re: Apply Application   Apply Application EmptyMon 4 Jul - 7:45

Add some color other than that good application
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Apply Application
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