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 MicaLee For GM Position

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PostSubject: MicaLee For GM Position   Fri 22 Jul - 13:36

Real Life First Name:Mica
Age: 23
Main Character Name: MsArrows
Country of Residence: Philippines
City of Residence: Manila
Timezone(GMT): GMT -8:00
Languages you speak fluently: English, Tagalog, (Working on Chinese and Spanish)
What is your gaming schedule for Symphonia FlyFF Game(display in hours): Mondays to Fridays: 6 hours at the least: From 3pm - 9pm (GMT -8:00).
Saturday: 15 hours at the least: From 9am-12am
Sunday: 9 hours at the least: From 9am-11am and 1pm - 9pm.
This is My regular schedule otherwise
Tell us a little about your personality: I like helping others to the best that I can and never ask for anything in return. I'm honest, trustworthy, and responsible. Although at times I forget stuff. I do my very best in everything , and try to keep everyone worry free. Also I'm a very happy person
How long have you been with Symphonia FlyFF? : I have been playing for like 2 months Already and I am so surprise it is so peaceful and nice GM's and Fun community.
What are your goals as a Gamemaster? : I am determined to answer any questions, concerns, etc. as best as I can. Most of all, I will gladly welcome and accept any new players and keep the community fair.
Why should we choose you upon the plethora of members applying?: I believe i should be chosen as a GM to show how I am responsible and to help others.
I love helping others and I have a lot of ideas for events. Also I am a law abiding and respectful person.
Have you been a GM or had any staff experiences before?: No, I do not have any staff experiences but I'll do my best.
Have you ever been kicked, muted or banned from our server?: Nope
Have you ever received any infraction/warning on the forums?: Nope and i never want to plan to.
If accepted, what will you bring to the GM team?: I will be the most honest and the most fun GM u would ever have and i will help many people as I can and never gonna stop and give up to anything.
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Posts : 5
Join date : 2011-07-22

PostSubject: Plox Ready this GM   Sun 24 Jul - 12:58

i Really want to be a GM so i can show how may i help all the players and keep the World of Symphonia equal and no Fighting and to suggest and think more of wonderful things for us to do in the symphonia Community
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MicaLee For GM Position
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