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 AJFO's GM APPLICATION [JULY 23,2011]Read This :)

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AJFO's GM APPLICATION [JULY 23,2011]Read This :) Empty
PostSubject: AJFO's GM APPLICATION [JULY 23,2011]Read This :)   AJFO's GM APPLICATION [JULY 23,2011]Read This :) EmptySat 23 Jul - 2:12

Real Life First Name: Al

Age: 13

Main Character Name: Applying, Still not playing

Country of Residence: Philippines

City of Residence: Tarlac

Timezone: gmt+8

Languages you speak fluently: English/Tagalog

What is your gaming schedule for Symphonia FlyFF Game: I play 2-5 hours After school hours. And active during weekends.

Tell us a little about your personality: I am Friendly :), Focused on my Duties, Always Listening to anyone, Strict whenever its needed, Calm and patient.

How long have you been with Symphonia FlyFF? : Applying, Still not playing

What are your goals as a Gamemaster? : Giving proper Enjoyment for the players, Having Fun, Being Friends with the players.
Helping the new players.

Why should we choose you upon the plethora of members applying?: I know that being a GM is hard. but,
You should choose me over the others, because I know I can HANDLE this kind of job, Why would I apply if I can't handle the job, right? :)

Have you been a GM or had any staff experiences before?: Yes.

Have you ever been kicked, muted or banned from our server?: Nope, Because I hanvt Played it yet :>

Have you ever received any infraction/warning on the forums?: NOPE.

If accepted, what will you bring to the GM team?: Ill bring bring MYSELF :))))
Ill do my best at any kind of job the Head GM/Owner/Admin will assign me.

Thats ALL,
add me at FB: al_oquindo@yahoo.com
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AJFO's GM APPLICATION [JULY 23,2011]Read This :)
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