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 Guild Event!!~

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PostSubject: Guild Event!!~   Sat 30 Jul - 11:08

If you're in the Heavenly or Hellish guild, this is for you. (If you want to join either guild, mail DemonicBP or AngelicBP in game.) My brother and I have made opposite guilds, which just had to call for wars. So we decided to make events out of those wars. There will be great prizes of both penya, and items. (For what we can afford, find, etc.)

Event Times: Mondays and Fridays @4:00 PM (GMT -7)

The events that we have come up with are:

Man Hunt - After the guild leader of one guild finds a hiding spot, the opposing guild must find, and kill the leader. The hiding guild leader may have a MAXIMUM of 3 "guards." The guild leader who hides cannot move once he has declared his hiding spot, to make it fair, because Madrigal is a very big world. If the hiding guild leader is found, he may not move from the area. The guild leader and his guards must fight off the opposing guild until he is killed.

Team Deathmatch - The two opposing guilds will meet in a specified area. The two guild leaders will fly into the air just above the battlefield. The guild members will kill each other until there is a kill count of 25 - 50. (Guild leaders will discuss this before the fight.) Once the kill limit has been reached, the guilds will decide who has won, and the losing guild leader will drop so the winning guild members may kill the leader. (The system function shows the deaths of guild members, just in case there are any problems of unfairness.)

War - Straight up Guild War. NO BLINKWINGS ALLOWED. If there shall be any migration from one continent to the next, it shall be done by flying. You are only allowed to fly when changing continents. Opposing guilds must find a designated starting position of their liking, but the guilds must be at least one continent away. Guild leaders will discuss when ready, and alert their guild members when to start the hunt. (If possible, Guild leaders will try to disallow lodestar, to make it fair, until a Guild leader has fallen.) If there is a lodestar, you must stay in town, and you are not allowed to attack a rival guild member. If you do, then you are automatically disqualified for the prize.

Gladiator - (MINIMUM 3 MEMBERS) Both guilds will go to a designated area. Both Guild leaders will pick a fighter to fight in a 1 vs. 1 match. Each winning guild member is not allowed to fight 2 matches in a row. (Unless it is their last member.) Each losing guild member will get 3 chances to win. If they haven't won in the 3 chances given, then they are disqualified for the match, and cannot fight again. The bouts will continue until all opposing guild members are eliminated.

You guys can vote on which event we will host. Mail DemonicBP or AngelicBP with your vote, and we will tally them up.
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Guild Event!!~
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