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 [Solved]Cant Start Client (After Server Came Back Up)

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PostSubject: [Solved]Cant Start Client (After Server Came Back Up)   Thu 4 Aug - 15:23

So the server was off and i had free time. i also always wnated to downgrade from Win 7 to Win XP, now i have windows Xp and i cant play the game i installed Direct x SDK (400mb or so one) and it still wont. i also tried to install Direct X 9 (a few Kb) and it says that i have a newer or equivalent version. Can some1 tell me whats wrongf and how to fix it plz. remmember i just got windows Xp so i dont have much installed.

So i went on ComputerHope and they told me to download Direct X February Thx to them i can atleast make it to the Char selection screen.

Its 554mb for the fix :O

Website to download Direct X mif oyu had problem: http://www.microsoft.com/download/en/details.aspx?id=10084&hash=ykzir1YTF4UU9lvzAeHGL0JmqEEES9eO361ovCXLJS9y9FsaqFlTUz9bbBgNTDwrlyxyZPAxJsJK7ZcpWJP5Ag%3d%3d
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[Solved]Cant Start Client (After Server Came Back Up)
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