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 Vasus CM Application <3

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PostSubject: Vasus CM Application <3   Sun 3 Jul - 23:13

Real Life First Name:Vasu


Main Character Name: Colgate (BP)

Country Of Residence: Sweden

City Of Residence: Stockholm

Timezone( GMT ): +1

Languages I Speak Fluently: Swedish & English <3

What is your gaming schedule for Symphonia FlyFF Game(display in hours): Hmm Atm and for 1 Month its 7hours ( Wake up ( At 11am) play for 2 hours . Take a lit break ( 1hour ), Then play 3hours and take another break for like 1 hour, Then play on babeh :D

Tell us a little about your personality: Well am a funneh funneh guy! pikaboo XD . And i love the nature ofcourse <3. Am a helpful nice guy tryin to make everyday a new funneh intressting day :D

How long have you been with Symphonia FlyFF? : 2 Weeks-ish :),

What are your goals as a Chat Moderator?: Making the chat a better place to be in, A funny place where no noob comes and curse you. :) YW hahah :D

Why should we choose you upon the plethora of members applying?: Well, To start i know how to behave, Not curse people , Not abuse OFC thats a big rule << , Respect other players and not think am the boss just because am a chat mod-- :)

Have you been a CM or had any staff experiences before?: Once so am not a total newbie :)

Have you ever been kicked, muted or banned from our server?: Nevah Evah

Have you ever received any infraction/warning on the forums?: Nevah Evah

If accepted, what will you bring to the CM team?: Hopefully Happyness, More fun in the job , And some time to go afk and not have to be in chat all the time :)

So thats my application, You can give suggestions to make it better ofc, Thx for readin <3

Greetings: Vasu
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Vasus CM Application <3
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