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 Demonic's GM Application

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Demonic's GM Application Empty
PostSubject: Demonic's GM Application   Demonic's GM Application EmptyMon 11 Jul - 20:28

Real Life First Name:


Main Character Name:

Country of Residence:

City of Residence:
Scottsdale, AZ


Languages you speak fluently:

What is your gaming schedule for Symphonia FlyFF Game(display in hours):
During summer: usually from 10AM - 2/3 PM (4 or 5 hours)
During School: usually from 3PM - 10PM (7 hours)

Tell us a little about your personality:
I'm an easy-going, selfless person. I love helping people.

How long have you been with Symphonia FlyFF? :
Not too long. Maybe around a month.

What are your goals as a Gamemaster?:
To make the community more fun than it already is, which is tough, but I think I can do it :)
And also to help with any questions or concerns people might have.

Why should we choose you upon the plethora of members applying?:
You should choose me because I feel I am qualified, and I am a quite selfless person.

Have you been a GM or had any staff experiences before?:
Yes, I have been a GM of InsomniaFlyff and another server my friend owned a while ago.

Have you ever been kicked, muted or banned from our server?:

Have you ever received any infraction/warning on the forums?:
No sir.

If accepted, what will you bring to the GM team?:
I would bring that extra member you guys would need sometimes to help relieve the stress of work. I also have quite a bit of ideas from a private server I wanted to create that I could show you guys.

I have been playing Flyff since v6, so I know all there is to know about Flyff. I am very experienced with the game, and almost equally as experienced being a leader. And being a GM is the same in my opinion.
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Demonic's GM Application
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